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The opportunity to travel the world and play the game you love—sound like a dream? 

With Atleta Sports, your dream is our reality. With no country too far away to visit and no player too new to the sport, we use the love of football to connect players, clubs, organizations, and all football lovers around the world.

We are the official partner of Sports Ventures, on of the most reputable tour companies in Europe. Our tours are designed and organized for all ages and abilities, Atleta wants to share our passion for sport with you and open up the doors for you, giving you, your team or your child the opportunity to be a part of a whole new, life-changing, and culturally-expanding experience. 

With our European, North American, and Caribbean tours and tournaments, we give you and your team the opportunity to travel to worldwide destinations, learning, being surrounded by, and immersing yourself in different cultures, countries, and styles of football.

Our organization works with boys and girls teams of all ages every step of the way. From the initiating stages of interest to the safe journey home, we operate by sending youth, junior, and adult football teams and players all around the world on a mission to spread the joy and connect through the love of the beautiful game, all the while gaining a lifetime’s worth of experience in the process.

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Here at Atleta Sports, we’re with you no matter how many questions you may have or how many countries you want to travel to. Every member of our staff is trained to present you with unmatched personal service and experience, getting you and your group to where you want to be and giving you the professional, polished, and proficient assistance you deserve. We’re here to guide you through every part of your tour or tournament, making it as personalized and optimized as you or your group wants or needs. 

Whether you are going abroad to get better as a player and test yourself against some new competition, to broaden your culture awareness and see how the other half lives (and plays) or to take advantage of the opportunity that our tours offer and make contacts and connections across the globe, Atleta Sports will take your mission and make it our own, providing you with the ultimate promise of an incredible football experience. 

We, personally, ensure your safety through our promise and connections to quality and committed facilities that result in an appropriate arrangement for not only your tour and tournament but your entire stay. We make that commitment to you—from footballer to footballer—to ensure that your experience is a positive one to remember.

We offer a standout selection of tournaments and tours to choose from, with top facilities and connections with football organizations around the world that will take you in as their own. Whether you or your team are at a beginner’s level are part of an elite group looking for high-level international competition, we assure you that the contacts overseas will not only present you with an optimum experience but will be persuading you to want to come back from more. 

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At Atleta Sports, our passion fuels our practice, and your passion deserves professionalism. We work tirelessly to help you experience the football trip of a lifetime, and work endlessly with you to help meet you within your budget. With our tours and tournaments, don’t be afraid to raise your expectations high—our unmatched ambition in giving you an unforgettable experience can promise you an exceptional adventure—a tour, tournament, and exposure to worldly football that you and your team will never forget.

From all of us here on our Atleta Sports team, both at home and abroad, we guarantee commitment to you and to every part of the process. From travel plans to organizing various types of accommodation, from specialist inclusions to setting leisure time and travel, we appreciate your trust and assume responsibility for every part of your journey, taking it in our hands—from health to financial protection, travel insurance to personal safety. 

We are all athletes

Your journey is our journey. Every trip you make, every person you meet, every new cultural experience you uncover—we share it with you. 

Not just our passion drives us, yours does too. Your ambition to be better as players, your desire to see the world, and your insatiable love of the game are what makes us do what we do. 

Enjoy the Love of the Game: Around the World

The name of our organization, Atleta, means athlete. No matter what language you speak, what country you're from or where you are now, being an Atleta and playing football is its own language. Through our trips, you can see the magic of this universal dialect. Let the ball be the words, the players be the voice, and the way you move on the field be the conversation. 

One of the best parts of our tours and tournaments is when there’s a connection made—simply through the joy of the game. From a French boy in Cannes trapping a pass laid off by the young girl from Havana to be passed on and ricocheted in the back of the net by our own player from Vancouver, the game of football, the network it binds, and the language it speaks is an incredibly accurate metaphor for the connections we make throughout the world—especially through our tours. 

Make that connection—open up the windows and doors that football gives us, surpassing barriers between different cultures, countries, and players. Go out and experience how the other half plays. Give us a call or browse through our website for more information. 

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